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carne’ morte’
phat boyz
warm to cool
never ever
new york news
rio sweden
sixty forty

Chew on it!
This is the SH_._! 

It won’t hurt. PROMISE!!!
Sure. Play me!!!
Fugeddaaboudit !!!
Cry a little!!!
You know what to do!!!


Jazz Powered New Age Fusion

Police doin’ a JAZZ THiNG.
Multi-dimensional … haunting moments intertwined with
bursts of joy, then laced with reflections, ultimately
so truthful it pulls at the heart to touch another soul.

Executive Producer: D.T. Richards Condor Classix,Box 459, Maywood, CA 90270. Composed, performed and produced by Alan Ichiyasu. Recorded at Turnkey Group, Chicago, IL. Mastered at Acme Recording, Chicago, Il by Paul Smith. Guitar solo on ”sixty forty” by Greg ”Guido” Guliuzza. Percussion on “rio sweden” by John Summerbell. Above website arrtist photo by Jennifer Girard Jr. Cover photo: “Crystal Freeman” by Sandra Kuffer  – Property of Turnkey Group. Art direction by Tony Long and Walter, Inc. Copywriting by Tony Long, Tony Long Writes!!! Graphic Design by Kelly Winters, Walter, Inc. Artist management by Thomas Cassidy, Inc. All compositions published by Cosmo & Biff (BMI). Leased by Azra International, Maywood, CA. Distributed by Cosmo & Biff Records.

Crystal Freeman
Turnkey Group

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