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I can’t believe it… 
Dammit dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT!
Yes, he looks like me. They both remind me of you. 
What now? 
I think they’re fine. They’re smart enough. 
I thought you said forever. 
No, I’d rather be the one. 

Not bad. Just strange. 
Liberating. A little. 
What’s home? 
Maybe I’ll…
Not for the last 15 years. 
Look at them again. 
Folded and re-folded and folded and folded. 
It’s OK. Take them out. 
Maybe too much. 
Take them out. 

You move on. 
Take what you’ve learned. Apply it. Move on.
Move on. 
What would I say? 
“Hey. You were right.” 
“How did you get around it?” 
A beginning. A middle. And an end. 
My end? 
Don’t care. Just hurry up and move on. 
Settle. Resolve. Deal. Change. Settle. 

I remember. 
It was the most important thing she taught me. 
He never understood. 
But that’s how life is. 
I remember now! 
Foreign becomes familiar. 
It’s taken all these years… 
But it’s here. 
And they don’t even ask. 
Maybe they know. God I hope not. 
Keep a little panic. 
Keep it on the edge. 
Interpret it. 
I remember! 

photo strip

charcoal by DAVE ERO

I don’t know you. 
More time? 
Very strange. 
What should I do? 
Just be. 
No. Just be. 

Play the game. 
Enjoy the scenery. 
It’s all preassembled. 
You can’t. So don’t try. 
A little faster. 
I can still speak.
It’s all coming out. 
Filter. Edit. 
Who knows? Who cares?
Divide? Conquer! 


cd liner copy by Tony Long Writes !!!

Banner Photo and 35mm Strip “Little Tony and Alan” – Danny O’Connor   Studio “B” Chicago.